I make use of remnants, vintage fabrics and finds, small-batch materials, and naturally occurring sticks and stones. I seek a modern aesthetic through the discarded. I believe that everything has a place in this world and find joy in the infinite puzzle of placement.

My childhood was spent outside where play often looked like work and vice versa. My sister and I were Dad’s two right hands, often fetching tools as he lay under the ailing belly of a pickup, holding the tape at the end of a soon-to-be-shorter length of something, sanding, painting, leveling, staining, carrying, digging, planting, watering; we helped.

It wasn’t long before we used those same tools, as extensions of our own, to build and fix. Paired with the endless hours beside my Mother, Aunts, and Grandmother while they crafted and made, there was always something creative afoot.

My Father was a collector and I relish hunting with him to find the thing that fit the other thing. We found, foraged, used, and saved. Somehow I knew that the result and reward for our effort was far better than the supermarket bought and sold. The richness of the reclaimed is hard to match. There’s beauty and soul on the wayside you know.

It’s a blessing and curse to see a thing for what it can be. It provides a unique, small batch, and one-of-a-kindness to the goods you see here.

Combining a modern aesthetic, with unexpected materials, quality craft, and an old world utilitarianism, I aim to bring you joy, peace, and strength with the notion that every last piece can find a proper, useful, pleasing place in our world.

– Sarai