Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, I spent most of my childhood outside where play often looked like work and vice versa. My sister and I were Dad’s two right hands. Whether fetching tools as he lay under the ailing belly of a pickup, listening for that irregular sound and for it to stop, pumping the brakes, pushing the gas, holding the tape at the end of soon to be shorter length of something, sanding, painting, leveling, staining, carrying, digging, planting, watering; we helped.

And it wasn’t long before we used those same tools, as extensions of our own, becoming a saw, a drill, a shovel, or a screwdriver.

This education paired nicely with the endless hours beside my Mother, Aunts, and Grandmother while they crafted and made. The motion was the same, the logic was the same, the scale was not. I come from a humble place where using ones hands to make, build, fix, and maintain provided a finer life than the one we could afford.

My deeply rooted utilitarianism grew restless at university constantly challenging the use of charcoal and paper. At the age of 23 as I sat facing my Aunt’s hand-me-down sewing machine the internal wrestling came to a halt. My aesthetic made peace with my sensibility and I began to create for what felt like the very first time.

This history brings relevance to my use of recycled and repurposed. It’s a blessing and curse to view a thing for what it can be. It provides a unique, small batch, and sometimes one-of-a-kind moniker for the goods you see here.

Sarai designs are produced by hand in my studio in Boulder, Colorado. I make use of leather remnants from other artisans, vintage beads and fabrics, naturally occurring sticks and stones, collected feathers, and the experience of spirited outdoor exploration. I seek a modern aesthetic through repurposed materials to honor, empower, and build.




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